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The Men’s Guide to Vulvodynia
April 15, 2008, 3:44 am
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Since my counter-part wrote an article on how to take care of the vagina with Vulvodynia I thought I’d write the handbook on how to be a dude that can’t get laid because his lady’s vageen hurts.

This is what Vulvodynia is.

In short it means your girl gonna feel like she has a yeast infection for months and months and months at a time. And in our terms, men, it means that our women will not want to have sex for a very very long time. And not only that. You’ll feel really really bad for her.

I have a few pieces of advice here, men. The first is, get used to your hand. Because you’re gonna be using it for a while.

Secondly, you’re going to get blue balls a couple of times before you and your girl figure it out. So be prepared for that.

Thirdly, don’t be a dick bag. She won’t be able to do it and trust me there is no worse feeling than being inside of her because she felt bad for you and she starts crying because it hurts so much. Trust me, that’s way worse than blue balls. Be a man. Say no to your penis once in a while.

And Fourthly, shave yourself. All that hair you hold on to so dearly, yeah, that’s aggitation. So on the off chance you’re having one of those days were she can do it you don’t want to be the one that fucked it up because all your little curly soldiers rub her the wrong way.

Now, men, eventually something will give and her vagina will start to feel better and your sex life will go back to normal. For me it was six months. GIVE HER TIME AND DON’T BE A DICK!!! It’s pretty simple.

Also when you’re feeling extra special your tongue can do wonderful things without causing too much irritation.


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thanks for this 🙂 nice to know some guys get it

Comment by sufferer

Are ther any Vulvodnia support forums for men?

Comment by VDude

Not sure. I’d google it if I were you. That being said my wife has gotten better now. Still a little painful at times but It’s much better. It’ll get better for you too. Don’t worry.

Comment by gijew

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